Monday, April 09, 2007

      So, this is the first post of the new blog. Unfortunately, the name I wanted was already taken. It has one post from last year, and that's it. It makes me very angry. I have a couple of old blogs on Blogger that I haven't posted to in over a year. I also haven't deleted them, but at least if you went there you can find content. Cybersquatters aggravate me to no end. Of course, if there were three of four good months of blogs there, then OK, I can be forgiving. However to put up one post and never type on it again? That's crazy. Just let someone else have the good name. There's been many a time that I thought that I should just delete the old blog, and I probably will, but I've got to copy all that stuff first. Who knows when that will happen. I'm sure there is some important stuff in there somewhere.
      Enough of that. You wish your grass was so emo... Anyway, here's the deal. I dropped the old blog. I was posting to it everyday, but not going to school often enough. So something had to go. I don't fish. I don't really watch the stock market anymore. I don't do anything. Just work and school.
      I've been having a really hard time studying for my 70-291. I thought a while back, that I could just blog about it. Would you like to learn about DNS? What about VPNs? Well, that is what this blog is about. I'm currently typing this on a Linux distro so heck, why not learn a bit about that? (Please do not ask questions about Linux. I know nothing about Linux or Macs.)
      That's the goal of this blog. If I can tell you what I am currently doing, then I'll understand it better.
      Of course, right now, I'm going to take a nap. (Boy, I hope this doesn't turn out to be the only post.) I'm working 3 to midnight and a little bit of rest is in order.